Hydro Therapy

The Spine

the spine

Our spine provides us with three basic functions.

  • It provides support to keep us upright.

  • It gives us the mobility to perform complex tasks.

  • It acts as a casing to protect the valuable and fragile spinal cord which is part of our central nervous system.

As usual most back problems stem from incorrect posture, strain or continued overuse. It is quite easy to injure the spine because of its complexity.

The spine is divided into 5 parts:

  • The Cervical Region, which has 7 sections. Your neck area.

  • The Thoracic Region, which has 12 sections.  Your chest area.

  • The Lumber Region, which has 5 sections.  Your lower back area.

  • The Sacrum.

  • The Coccyx.

Flexibility is the key, otherwise the discs between your vertebrae become thinner and your spinal bones will sit closer together.   This process can entrap a nerve like the Sciatic nerve which will create much pain and discomfort.

A Hydrobath, utilising the spinal massage, will work the muscles and the discs in order to keep them healthy. The discs will begin to recover their proper shape and will then push the spinal bones apart, leaving room for the nerves to branch out from the mother cord and do their work without causing any more discomfort.