Hydro Therapy

Pain Relief

pain relief

Pain relief can be achieved with the hydrobath in 4 ways:

Massage encourages fluids to return properly to the circulation system, effectively reducing swellings (Oedema). This reduces the pressure that bears down on the joint and greatly reduces the pain.

Pain is also reduced by Interference Therapy. During the massage, thousands of bubbles are bombarding our bodies and this creates a huge sensation that the body pleasantly experiences, but there are not enough gateways to allow all of these messages through, blocking some of the pain messages in the process.

The sympathetic nervous system is suppressed by massage and immersion and this serves to decrease the perception of pain. You feel less pain when warm and relaxed.

Massage helps to release Endorphins, which are the body s natural painkillers or opiates. If you hurt yourself you will automatically rub the area bringing into play the release of some Endorphins and the possibility of confusing the pain messages.

For all of these reasons many customers have experienced pain relief whenever they have taken their hydrobath.