Hydro Therapy

Stress Relief

stress relief

Stress is a state during which the body performs its functions normally, in order to survive in response to circumstances. The medical lectures on Fight or Flight are well known but it is during these occasions that remarkable things happen to us.

In an emergency for instance, time seems to slow down and pain cannot be felt as the body becomes flooded with Adrenalin. This allows us to be more efficient.

We may be shaking and our hearts may be pounding but we get on with the things that we have to do, no matter how dramatic and then say afterwards I don t know how I did it .

On the other hand the sheer pace of life places upon us intolerable burdens and we now find ourselves having to deal with all kinds of stresses and these are definitely not good for us such as Mental Stress, Environmental Stress, Emotional Stress and Performance Stress.

In dealing with this there are many things to consider but if we can t change our lifestyles, then we must go back to nature and natural therapies like Yoga, Fitness training, Swimming and treatments at home, such as Hydrotherapy.

These therapies will often release endorphins all over our bodies that make us feel good and neutralise the adrenalin build up of the day. If we take the bath later in the evening it will aid sleep and this helps to better prepare us for the rigours of the next day.

All of this may sound too simple but time has proven that these kinds of principles are effective and so we shouldn't ignore them. If we do, we ignore them at our peril.