Hydro Therapy



Your lymphatic system does not have a pump in the same way that your blood circulation has.  Instead it relies on movement which is why exercise is so important.

All of the toxins found in the air and food and drink need to be regularly cleansed from your body.

If you don t feel well, and are always having colds and viruses, or are lacking in energy and vitality, you need to detoxify and what s more, if your toxin levels are too high your body will retain fluid in order to dilute the problem.

Good detox means a good and strong immune system. If this is not the case, you will always be the one going down with whatever is around at the time because you will not have a strong enough immune system to be able to cope.

The Hydrobath has a greater thermic effect than a normal bath and so by heat, massage and by inducing perspiration, it facilitates a detox process through improved circulation.

The improvement in circulation creates movement in our whole system and this helps to re-open routes of elimination. The best and most comfortable route out for toxicity is via the liver and the bowels.  If this is not accomplished properly each day, the body will try via another route of elimination, i.e. the skin (eczema), the lungs (asthma) or the internal cells and joints (arthritis).

Hot water produces a response that stimulates the immune system, causing white cells to migrate from cell walls and into your tissues. These cells eliminate waste products and clear up toxins in the normal way.  Natural cleansing is natural health!