Hydro Therapy


blood circulation

The warmth and massage of the hydrobath enlarges the capillaries and this reduces the back pressure on your heart. Your pulse rate is hardly affected but the stroke volume that your heart can now pump, can increase by as much as 50%.

Add to this the fact that the circulation is now assisted by massage and we have the improvement that we are looking for.

It is a normal function for our muscles to quietly relax and then contract in order to assist our circulation against gravity. We are not aware of this but it is an example of how gentle massage can and does assist circulation.

Good circulation also means good lymph drainage and detox means more health and energy.

The complete all over body massage produced in a hydrobath is also very relaxing and as the tension leaves, you will naturally breathe more deeply. This is good as it will oxygenate your circulation and good oxygenated circulation is the basis of a long and healthy life.

Regular Hydrotherapy keeps muscles in good shape and makes sure that nutrients are constantly supplied to them to stop them wasting.  In turn this allows you to use your muscles and this keeps them in good shape and free from aches and pains.