Q. Aquao3zone Elite is a fantastic product but there are bound to be copycats popping up here and there. How can one tell the difference?

When considering your health don’t be penny-wise and pound-foolish. Please be wary of fly by night companies offering inferior or imitation products with exaggerated health benefits. We are proud to advise that our manufacturing process for the Aquao3zone Elite is ISO 9001 compliant. That is why for peace of mind you should enquire whether or not competitors’ products are ISO 9001 compliant.

Q. Is Aquao3zone Elite easy to use, and how long does it take to assemble?

It couldn t be easier – Aquao3zone Elite has been designed to assemble in less than 30 seconds. In fact, it takes longer to run your bath than to prepare Aquao3zone Elite for use.

Q. I read somewhere that our bodies have less oxygen in our cells now than we used to have, say 50 years ago. Why is that?

Medical research has proven that the cellular oxygen level in our bodies was as high as 45%, fifty years ago. This means our bodies enjoyed the correct amount of oxygen to maintain our health. Approximately 90% of the body’s biochemical processes involve the use of oxygen. Professor Otto Warburg, a world-renowned oncologist and twice Nobel Prize laureate for medicine, proved that one is more susceptible to cancer if cellular oxygen levels drop below 40%. Cellular oxygen levels currently range between 12% and 17%. This I am sure you will agree explains why one gets ill more often and for longer periods of time.

Q. Why are higher levels of oxygen so important?

Professor Warburg, of the Kaiser Institute in Berlin, proved that cancer cells cannot proliferate in a high oxygen environment. His research revealed that when a cell is denied 60% of its normal oxygen requirement it enters an anaerobic state and higher level functions of the cell are shut down, making the cells more susceptible to cancers and viruses. In addition , the research demonstrated that cancer tumours reduced in size in high oxygen environments.

Q. Can I take my Aquao3zone Elite away on holiday with me?

Yes of course, just check that your accommodation has a bath tub and you can use it anywhere in the world we even have special bags available to enable you to carry your Aquao3zone Elite easily.

Q. Why are the oils specially formulated can t I buy bubble bath from any shop here in my home town?

The jets in your Aquao3zone Elite are powerful and if you were to put in ordinary bubble bath, you would have bubbles up to the roof. Our oils have three elements to them:

i) Skin conditioner to keep your skin soft.
ii) Low foam so you can have a luxury bath without excessive foam.
iii) Herbal extracts for e.g. Essential Oils these are absorbed through the skin and vaporised and inhaled, giving wonderful health benefits. These oils are not available in the shops and are great value for money.

Q. I find it very hard to relax my job is stressful and the family too will Aquao3zone Elite help me with this?

Yes it will, you will find it hard not to relax. In fact, the stimulating massage will work on your neck and head to relieve that tension and calm you down.