Hydro Therapy

stress and insomnia
back pain

Professional sports teams use hydrotherapy to speed up the recovery rate of injured players by as much as 50%.
Ozone therapy has been researched for many years and is now an accepted therapy used in many countries as a mainstream treatment. Ozone will kill viruses and bacteria on contact. In fact 3000 times faster than chlorine, as well as reoxygenating the body.

In your home Aquao3zone Elite is placed straight into your domestic bath with no plumbing or installation required, saving you thousands of Rands in home improvement costs. You can then enjoy unlimited hours of pleasure in the comfort of your own hydrospa. Chronic problems such as arthritis, muscle pains, back pain, rheumatism, poor circulation, and general pain can all be relieved. Aquao3zone Elite can also relieve general stress and tension, ease digestive problems, stimulate the immune system and reduce inflammation.

Bathing in the Aquao3zone Elite hydrobath is easy, convenient and relaxing. The stresses and strains of modern living are soothed away within minutes.

If you desire more energy, less stress and reduced aches and pains, then Aquao3zone Elite is the perfect way to stay young and healthy.

benefits of hydrotherapy

Benefits of Hydrotherapy

Hydrotherapy simply means therapy within water. The therapeutic use of water has been used since early civilizations such as the Egyptians, Greeks, and Chinese to treat disease and injury.

In today s modern world hydrotherapy is used widely in hospitals throughout the world to assist in the rehabilitation of spinal injury victims and patients recovering from long term illnesses.

Our fast living hectic pace of life takes its toll; irritability, nervousness, illness and insomnia are all too common. Negativity, lack of enthusiasm and low energy can set in.



Back pain is one of the crosses that most of us have to bear. Practically every other person will suffer at some time with pain and immobility.

Over time this causes fatigue and low spirits which take away hopes for the future. All of this can be completely changed with your regular hydrobath sessions, because it has been proven that the more powerful massages ease muscular tensions that can help to release some trapped nerves, improve mobility and give welcome pain relief.

All the more reason to be able to enjoy a true oasis of pleasure and relaxation at home. Simply lie back and relax into the beautiful massages before bedtime or refuel your energy reserves before enjoying the evening’s activities.


slimming aid

Are you conscious of diet, calorie intake, more exercise etc – it’s far easier said than done. The fast pace of modern living makes it constantly difficult to put into practice.

Well don’t give up, try again, this time using Aquao3zone Elite to assist with removing harmful toxic waste and work those tummy muscles, thighs and buttocks by positioning your body over the powerful Aquao3zone Elite Jets, feel the muscles vibrate and the fatty deposits will soon disappear. Soon you will see the difference in the mirror.

aching muscles


The Aquao3zone Elite is excellent for the relief of muscular tension either caused by disability or physical exertion. The powerful relaxation massages and loosens muscles by lowering excessive muscle tone. Then it brings the warmth that soothes.

This relieves the strain on the joints and promotes blood circulation while invigorating and detoxifying. Aching muscles can now be a thing of the past.