Hydro Therapy


The two atoms of the oxygen molecule breaks apart into 2 single oxygen atoms (singlet oxygen) Each singlet oxygen atom now seeks out other oxygen molecules (O2) and binds with it to form Ozone (O3)

There is an Ozone facility in the Aquao3zone Elite, which is generated by a corona discharge unit.  This creates a fine mist of Ozone which can be used, in the bath water to sterilise and to speed up the healing of sores, cuts and grazes.

Oxygen is a healer and because Ozone is a form of activated Oxygen it performs even more efficiently. If for instance you have a cut and you apply a plaster that doesn t breathe, it will take much longer to heal than a plaster that breathes.
What is known about Oxygen therapy is not controversial, it s extremely exciting.

Clinical Ozone is widely practised in Germany and in many other countries in Europe.

Ozone therapy has also a large and enthusiastic following in America.

A conference held in Washington in 1983 and attended by Doctors from all over the world agreed this principle We are an oxygen-based life form. We need a rich supply of oxygen to maintain every vital function in our bodies.

It seems that the increased amount of pollution, illness and injury plus poor nutrition deprives us of this vital life force. Simply put, we are quickly becoming oxygen starved and it is this lack of oxygen that is responsible for many illnesses of today.

Doctor Otto Warnburg, twice Nobel Laureate, was able to prove that Cancer cannot grow in a high oxygen environment.

His research revealed that when a cell is denied 60% of its normal requirement of Oxygen, it switches to a fermentation mechanism. It loses its higher function and regresses back to a lower function. That means it begins to grow wildly in order to try to survive.  Research has shown that even cancer growths contract when the oxygen saturation is sufficiently increased in the fluids surrounding them.

The greater the oxygen content in your body, the more inhospitable you are to viruses, parasites and harmful bacteria.

This explains why you can suffer complaints such as fungus and yeast infections in the extremities such as toes where the blood supply is not so good.

We use oxygen to create energy.  Clinical trials have suggested that we can get 50% of our energy from the air that we breathe if we learn to breathe properly.

Ozone therapy has a long history and thousands of case studies and that is precisely why we have this health improvement function on the machine.



Ozone is tri-valent active oxygen or tri-atomic oxygen. Simply put it is SUPERCHARGED OXYGEN. Whereas oxygen has only 2 atoms, Ozone has 3 atoms

                       O2 + Oxygen = O3 Ozone