Mrs J Magtelena – Kuruman

I have suffered from terrible HIP PAIN and BLOCKED SINUSES.  Since investing in the Aquao3zone Elite I have had good results.  I can recommend this unit.

Lindsey Moore – Langebaan

All my life, as far back as I can remember, I have suffered with CHRONIC HAYFEVER, SINUS and ALLERGIES.  After my second bath using the Aquao3zone Elite, I could actually breathe freely through my nose.  Day by day, my sense of smell is improving and I have no more headaches.

Mrs Uys

I have been an ARTHRITIS sufferer for quite a number of years.  The pain was so severe that I could hardly get out of bed in the mornings.  After using the Aquao3zone Elite for only one month, I can gladly say that I get up more easily in the mornings.  The pain has just about subsided completely.  I can recommend the Aquao3zone Elite

Patricia Wilmot – East London

My husband and I used it, I was having TUMMY CRAMPS and DIARRHEA.  When I got out of the bath, no more of either!  So far that is the only startling result, but I shall let you know of any further improvements.

C Louw – Malmesbury

After having my doubts, I was surprised to see how safe it was to operate the Aquao3zone Elite, even when bathing my children.  I was amazed at the different types of oils – one for each ache and pain.  I felt so relaxed after a 20 minute bath that I’d recommend the Aquao3zone Elite for those who suffer from sleepless nights.

Maliaan Ellmann – Paarl

I’ve been suffering from DEPRESSION for two years and can’t function normally.  I’ve not been able to find the correct medication to treat my condition and have been institutionalized twice.  At the time that I started using the Aquao3zone Elite I had been on new medication for about three weeks and about a week after using the Aquao3zone Elite developed side effects from the medication combined with Ozone.  I consulted my psychiatrist and stopped using ALL medication.  I continued by only using the Aquao3zone Elite and a month later I’m functioning better than I have in the past two years.  It is also fantastic to get my children to relax at least once a day and have fun with the enjoyable bubbles.

Chris Venter – Bloemfontein

My leg is black from knee to ankle as a result of no oxygen.  Doctors have told me that I’m going to lose my leg and it will be amputated above the knee.  I’m currently being declared medically unfit to work due to my condition and the pain I experience in my leg.  I used the Aquao3zone Elite and after only five minutes I felt a pins and needles sensation in my leg.  I thought it was my imagination, but after feeling the sensation long after I had finished bathing, I knew I was going to be helped with this product.  I have faith in the Aquao3zone Elite that it will enable me to live longer.

What do our Customers say?

Mrs Ludwick – Pretoria

I purchased my Aquao3zone in September 2004 and I use it regularly.  Since using my Aquao3zone for STRESS, BACK PAIN, and DEPRESSION I feel like a new person again.

Mr Frank Horn – Potchefstroom

I spilled ACID on my body and suffered from terrible burns.  After using the Aquao3zone Elite for a short period of time, the improvement to my skin has been nothing short of amazing.